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I design private, residential and public interiors.

Usually I stat my work from knowing my Customer better through better understanding his needs, lifestyle and his arrangements taste. Based on few created concepts we jointly make project decisions and photo realistic visualization will allow you to feel closer final effect of designed interior.

After project acceptance we move to realization phase which I will personally supervise working together with trusted network of specialists fit for purpose to make your project happen or other partners that can be assigned by you.

Obviously other elements such i.e. as furniture’s we will also choose jointly based on many options proposed by me which will be always provided in relation to agreed budget.


On the top of standard interior design services I offer 2 additional ones which can be used dependig on your specific needs.:

INTERIOR METHAMORFOSIS,which art is related to achieving significant change of the visual feel of the redesign interior while keeping cost factor on relatively low level. This is so called design lifting which among other is using technique such as changing color of the interior adding properly styled interior elements (add-ons) or furniture elements that will have high visible impact.

ARRANGEMENT ON-LINE,where based on the photos and online / telephone interview I can create concept of the design of entire property extending information with addresses of the specialist who will help to materialize the concept, so you could execute the project with my limited involvement. Obviously I will do the best effort so all the provided addresses and specialist would fit location of your property to limit costs and coordination effort. Such service should be particularity useful for remote customers who are leaving in different city or country, but would be interested in working with me. Obviously I’m more than happy to visit your location and work with you on-site, if this is what we will both mutually agree.

office interior design for ONLINE
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mini-apartment conceptual project
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(Polski) projekt koncepcyjny mieszkania w katowicach
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Laboutiq Cafe in Wroclaw
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Colorful design of the Wroclaw Kindergarten
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Room for mother and baby – Arkady Wroclawskie Gallery
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